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Sweet potatoes are on the 3 times a week list. I’ve never been a fan of the sticky sweet brown sugar and marshmallow dish of many Thanksgiving tables. It’s so rich and dessert-like, and really wouldn’t do you any favors if your trying to Eat Like Alton. But I have a fast, really good-tasting recipe for you. You can make as a side for an after work meal, but they are so good, you might want to make them for a fancier affair.

We first started making these after we saw the Barefoot Contessa making them on her show. So yummy.

Cut 2 large potatoes into 1-2″ size cubes, leaving the skins on. In a dutch oven (or any large pot with a thick bottom), put 1 1/2 tbsp of butter and let it melt. Add the potatoes and some salt and pepper. Mix so the potatoes are well-coated. Put on the cover and walk away. My mom freaks out at this point because she thinks the potatoes are going to burn, but there’s something about the butter + the steam from the potatoes that keep them from sticking. Cook them over low-medium heat. Cook them for 20+ minutes until the potatoes are soft and done. The parts of the potatoes that were in contact with the bottom of the pan will be crispy and caramelized.

I think you could add cumin or curry powder, garlic…when we’ve made the fingerlings (this works with just cubed potatoes as well) we’ve added chives once the potatoes are cooked. I think you could also try adding golden raisins, a few nuts and maybe a delicious chutney on the side. We paired this with chicken and peas simmered in a curry simmering sauce.

The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission shares a bunch of recipes on their website. Check out the Sweet Potato And Greens Soup. Sweet potato + kale!! This is going on my must-try list.


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