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A never list is a double-edged sword. In the past when I’ve tried to diet eat healthy I often create my own ‘never’ list. It’s easier for me to never have chips than to try to have a few and stop eating them. It’s easier for me to just know I can’t than to know I can within reason. I actually think the never list is easier than the once a week list. With the once a week list I have to be on the honor system with myself. I have to remember if I had dessert last Saturday, or was that Sunday? Am I in the clear to have it again or not? Or can I just cheat since it’s only one more day… But the never list. Well, never is a mighty long time.

Fast food: No matter how hard the Mc’s and the King’s try to convince us, we all know that stuff is bad. Tasty, but bad. It’s mass-produced, created with not nutritional value, but corporate bottom line in mind. I can avoid fast food. Where there’s a fast food restaurant, there’s usually a gas station or convenience store near by. And if you look hard enough in those places you can find granola bars, fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese, pretzels and bottled water. You can make a good lunch out of those things, and never ingest a fried or heat-lamped anything. I’m sure you have, but if you haven’t, be sure to watch Super Size Me. It’s not going to cure you of wanting fast food forever, but it sure will make you think.

Soda: Soda is bad stuff. Just google tooth in soda and you’ll see some nasty stuff. However, in my head, soda is linked to a lot of things. I really like a good cold fountain Coke at a restaurant. And it’s such a habit that sometimes I catch myself mindlessly ordering one and then have to take it back. In a store, it’s easy select 100% juice, or water, or tea. In the year before I had my son I gave up soda completely. I was trying to avoid all those chemicals and knew that since I wasn’t drinking soda I’d be drinking much more water and milk. The day my son was born they brought me a cup with ginger ale and chipped ice. It was amazing. Not as amazing as the birth of my son of course, but I do remember it quite well. Soda, you sure do make it tough on a girl.

Processed meals/frozen dinners: I talked about this one some before, but I do have to believe that there are exceptions to this one. I think if you do the work and find natural meals, without preservatives and other yucks, you can find good food that Alton would approve of. You’ve got to read the labels. Don’t eat anything that is cheap in price, cheaply made, or sold based on how stupidly heavy it is. I do think there are some companies out there that are elevating frozen meals. Kashi, evol, American Flatbread, they all seem to be doing it right.

Canned soup: I’m not a big fan of canned soup. If I’m really sick, I might seek out a traditional Campbell’s Chicken Noodle, but that’s about it. I know salt and MSG are two of the big problems with canned soup. The other is that it’s so dang easy to make your own soup. When you make your own soup, you can also add in so many of the items on the daily and three times a week list (barley, brown rice, leafy greens, carrots, fish, broccoli, sweet potato). Make 2 soups on the weekend and eat them all week-long for lunch.

“Diet” anything: This one I think is the easiest. I haven’t found anything yet that there isn’t a regular version of, and when there’s a regular version why or why would you want to eat the diet version?



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