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Just saw this recipe on the Cultivating Sustainability blog over on FoodPress.com. This one combines sweet potato and kale. I will be trying these during an upcoming kale week, a week when my family tries kale in 7 different recipes in hopes of learning to love it. Check out Sweet Potato, Kale & Black Bean Fajitas and check leafy greens off the daily list and sweet potato off the three-times-a-week list. Add avocado or guacamole and check that off the list as well.


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On Live and Let Diet, Alton jokes about writing a book. The book is featured in the episode, it’s called Buff Like Me. Sadly, it’s not a real book. There is talk that he will be writing a book at some point, but until then, there is some guesswork involved.

For instance, dessert is on the once-a-week list. Does that mean that nothing sweet should pass your lips except for that one precious dessert? And when you have that dessert, what size should it be, what should it consist of? Is it ok to eat 2 pieces of cheesecake for your one dessert? If you choose a candy bar for your dessert, do you have to eat it all at one sitting? I’m pretty sure I know the answer (everything within reason, aka, only one relatively smallish piece of cheesecake).

Avocado is a three-times-a-week food. Does that mean you should eat a whole avocado 3 times a week, or if you have a few sliced on a sandwich does that count? Carrots should be eaten everyday. How many carrots? Just orange carrots or do the fancy organic red carrots count too? Are baby carrots just as good? And tuna counts as oily fish when it’s fresh, so if I have sushi 3 times a week, am I fulfilling the quota?

Until Alton writes his book, I think ‘do the right thing’ should be our motto. I know that for me, 3 avocados a week might be too many, but if I can eat 2 as guacamole, and another half or so on a sandwich, then I feel like I’m doing good. I keep to the dessert once a week rule as much as possible, however, I did buy some dark chocolate and have a square when I’m feeling like I want dessert, but know I can’t have it. Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, and it’s not sicky-sweet, I only have a little at a time and I feel ok about it.

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A is for Avocados!!

Avocados are on the 3 times a week list. This time a year it seems that all the grocery stores have them on sale: 5 for $3, 10 for $5, etc. That is good for Eating Like Alton. I like avocado. Some people are allergic, or find it slimy, but I’m a fan. I like it sliced up on sandwiches or salads (especially a chopped or Cobb, or a taco salad). Its a good addition to tacos and nachos and if you do a search on MyRecipes.com, you’ll find 995+ recipes using avocados.

But here is my favorite way to have them:


I’m sure I had it before my husband and I traveled to San Francisco, but that is the first time I remember having guacamole. I remember our friend Eric made it for us and it blew me away. It was so fresh and bright-tasting, it was amazing. Eric used a store-bought mix for his, but I have developed this really simple recipe for my own. Don’t measure, it’s all based on what taste good for you.

Take 1 avocado. Slice it down the middle and divide into 2 halves. Take the pit out by putting a knife blade into it and twisting (this is not me in this video, but this does illustrate what I’m describing). Scoop out the avocado into a bowl and roughly mash it with a fork (I like to leave some chunky). Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the top of the avocado. If I had to guess I’d say I usually squeeze about 1/2 a teaspoon on. Add some salt and pepper, garlic powder, cumin and either a few red pepper flakes or some hot pepper sauce. Mix and eat. I’m sure it’s better if you let the flavors blend together while chilling in the fridge, but I often don’t plan out my snacks that far ahead.

Delicious. You avoid all the salt and other ingredients you ad unknowingly when you use a mix (maltodextrin, nonfat dried milk, modified tapioca starch, corn syrup solids, lactic acid, etc), can adjust the flavors to your specific taste and create a quick, healthy snack that meets one of the 3 times a week requirements. I’ve recently found these Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla Chips, which while not being the most nutritious thing you can eat, is a healthier alternative.

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