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When McDonalds first started running ads for its new Oatmeal I was skeptical and irritated at the price, which was above $3 in my area. I personally don’t eat oatmeal (more on that later), but my son LOVES oatmeal and I could see myself ordering this for him as a healthy alternative to the breakfast sandwich.

The New York Times Mark Bittman wrote this article. It spells out so much of what is offensive about McDonalds trying to ‘do us a healthy favor’ when they are doing just the opposite, tricking us into thinking they are healthy, when really they are poison. This part stood out to me:

“McDonald’s [oatmeal] contains more sugar than a Snickers bar and only 10 fewer calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin. (Even without the brown sugar it has more calories than a McDonald’s hamburger.)”

What the heck, McDonalds! You are rotten to the core. I guess that is how you got on the NAUGHTY NEVER list!


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